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About The Primary Mathematics Association

The PMA [Auckland], commonly known as the PMA, is a voluntary professional non-profit organisation that has provided professional guidance and support to primary teachers since its inception in the 1980s. Since 1992, we have held an annual One Day Seminar, which provides the opportunity for our community to share effective practices. We have a main committee of 15 people, comprising teachers, university lecturers and other mathematics professional development providers, who are dedicated to supporting fellow teachers in their mathematics teaching. Our aim is to support primary teachers at all stages of their career, in all areas of the motu whether urban, rural or remote, who teach from Year 0 – 8. 

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Committee Members

Megan Clune​


Megan Clune is a Professional Teaching Fellow at the University of Auckland, lecturing in mathematics, science and technology education. Previously an Assistant Principal, Megan has always had a passion for mathematics and holds a master’s degree in mathematics education. Her areas of interest include: mathematics curriculum change, student engagement in mathematics, and all aspects of digital technologies.

Vivianne Mallabar


Vivienne Mallabar is a Deputy Principal at Ormiston Junior College in Auckland. She has always had a passion to engage teachers and students with mathematics to believe ‘they are good enough’, developing a growth mindset. Vivienne has a masters in education with a focus on assessment and building student capabilities as a learner. She is always looking for authentic contexts and inquiry as a way to engage in the study of mathematics for both the teacher and the student.

Dr Lisa Darragh


Lisa Darragh is a lecturer of mathematics education in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Auckland. She was a primary school teacher both in Aotearoa, New Zealand and the far north of Canada before pursuing a PhD in mathematics education. Lisa’s research interests include mathematics learner and teacher identity, the impact of neoliberal policies on education and teacher professional learning in mathematics.

Jo Patrick van den Heuvel


Jo Patrick (Dip Tchng, MEd (Hons)) is an Associate Principal at Long Bay Primary School. She has had a long passion for and involvement in mathematics education professional development, spending 8 years as an advisor of mathematics education and numeracy facilitator. She has been a committee member of the Primary Mathematics Association since 1996.

Jo Knox


Jo Knox has been involved in mathematics education for more than twenty years as a classroom teacher and leader, a specialist mathematics teacher and mathematics facilitator. She is currently an independent Ministry of Education accredited maths education consultant for her company Maths Development. She is also working on her doctorate at the University of Auckland, researching how to engage primary school students in mathematical proving activity. Jo has been an active committee member for PMA for over ten years.

Other committee members: